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He may as well has smacked me with a 2X4. "You put spyware on my computer."

"Yeah. Mom's, too. Justine figured we needed dirt to influence the divorce. I got suspicious when you stopped surfing for porn and started working so much. Justine searched your room for stimulants. Well, for cocaine. She will be so relieved when she finds out it's just for sex."

"You're gonna tell her?" I shouted.

"Well, she's really worried about you. Me? I was just going crazy. Nothing made sense. I thought you were going to buy me a car, but my birthday isn't for two months. And I have more money than you. I am so relieved that you're just boning the neighbor. We threw out some pretty wild ideas."

"You plan on telling your mother?"

"Nah. I didn't tell you when she started getting some two years ago, did I? I'm really proud of that."

"Excuse me?"

"No way! You still don't know? Dude, where have you been? You think she's been working all this time?" My son started laughing at me. "Bro, she stuck you with the cleaning and the cooking while she got it on. We followed her after I hacked her Smartphone -- you should see the damn pictures! -- then confronted her at her lover's place."

"What's his name?" I had emotions exploding inside me like someone dumped a crate of grenades.

"Linda." Alex smacked himself. "Damn it! I was suppose to record your reaction. Justine thought it would be classic. Dude, you never wondered about mom when she butched her hair, started wearing tents, and minimized her bathing? When's the last time she wore makeup, perfume, or jewelry? Hello? Just how many clues do you need?"

He was really pissing me off. "Maria's got a good thing going with Sheldon and I can't have you fucking it up."

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