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A Short Story


Marvlous Harrison

Copyright 2008 by Marvlous Harrison

Smashwords Edition


Earth Quuaaake!!!!!” A young white lady screamed as the building shook violently around her.

Everybody…outta the building…now!” a stocky black man in his mid-forties commanded everyone as he stood by the emergency exit of the municipal building directing everyone out. He was the fire & safety director. His job was, in the event of an emergency, to get everyone safely out of the of the building; even if it mean risking his own life. He took his job seriously.

The earth shook continuously for six minutes, shifting building’s foundations, shattering facades, cracking the ground and uprooting trees. It even toppled over most of the headstones in the nearby cemetery. The religious people took this as an omen. In the end the Earthquake covered a ten mile radius and registered a 7.1on the Richter scale, which was virtually unheard of for Tallahassee Florida. It took eight lives, caused countless injuries, and hundreds of millions in property damage. $239,000,000 to be precise. The good thing was, it was all a terrible nightmare girl was having. Or so she thought.

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