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This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

Smashwords Edition


“What do you want?” Valerie glanced up from her computer at the tall, handsome man who had just let himself into her office. For a moment her eyes were locked on his deep green ones then she looked him up and down.   He seemed familiar, but for some reason, she couldn’t place him. He wasn’t wearing the standard corporate uniform – crisp blue suit and expensive leather shoes, so he couldn’t be in management. His khaki pants and starched button down shirt didn’t reveal any clues either. She looked down and noticed a small case in his hand. Another technician, she thought and dismissed him as she turned her head back to her work. “I’m busy, you’ll have to come back later,” she said.

“I was told that you had a problem with something electrical, that there was a buzzing in your office,”

It was already after hours and Valerie was not about to stay at work any longer than she had to. Not that she had anyone to go home to. Her last boyfriend had been… well it had been a while and she had been throwing herself into her work ever since. But an empty house was better than being in an empty office.

“Nope, I never called about one,” she said sharply, looking him squarely in the eyes.  Usually, most people would look away under the heat of her stare, but he just matched her gaze. She looked away first, turned back to her computer and resumed typing.

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