Hannah Robinson

The Celebrated Beauty of Her Day

A Play in Two Acts

Jane Gilgun

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Jane Gilgun


The beautiful, strong-willed Hannah Robinson defies her powerful father Rowland and marries the man she loves. The action takes places on a plantation in colonial Rhode Island in the mid 1700s. This play is based on historical records and the legends that have sprung up over the centuries after Hannah died her early, tragic death. Her gravestone off Boston Neck Road and Hannah Robinson’s Rock off Tower Hill Road in southern Rhode Island commemorate the lasting power of her story.

To Carolyn G. Heilbrun, author of

Writing a Woman’s Life


This publication may be used in its entirety, in adaptation or in any other way for theatrical productions with permission from Jane F. Gilgun. E-mail: jgilgun@gmail.com. Royalty fees apply in for-profit productions.

Historical Note

According to historical records and legends, Hannah Robinson was the celebrated beauty of her day. She was the daughter of the wealthy plantation owner, Rowland Robinson and Anstis Gardiner Robinson. Educated at the finishing school of Madame Osborne in Newport, Rhode Island, Hannah fell in love with one of her teachers, Peter Simons. Rowland forbade the marriage. With the help of her cousin, Hannah eloped with Peter and settled with him in Providence, Rhode Island, far away from her beloved birthplace on Narragansett Bay and her Narragansett pacer horses.

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