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Reviews for Palate Press in October

"W. Blake Gray lists the 10 things he’s learned in the wine business. He’s been writing about wine for more than a decade. I bet he’s learned even more than that.

-The New York Times, on Ten Things I Learned In the Wine Business by W. Blake Gray

"India is growing both as a wine market and a wine producer. Prateek Arora reports."

-The New York Times, on Wine in the World’s Largest Democracy by Prateek Arora

"Tasting through history in Alto Adige: 50 years in seven pinot biancos."

-The New York Times, on A Wine Tapestry from Alto Adige: Tasting Fifty Years of Pinot Bianco from Terlan by Katie Myers.

"They make wine in Arizona? Indeed, and Lisa Strid has the story."

-The New York Times, on High up in Arizona: Discovering the Sonoita AVA by Lisa Strid.

"Rémy Charest has some thoughts on the best red wines from the Finger Lakes."

-The New York Times, on Beyond Riesling: Are the Finger Lakes Red Wine Country? by Remy Charest.

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