The Voluntary Living


Bruce Memblatt

The Voluntary Living

By Bruce Memblatt

Published by Bruce Memblatt as Smashwords Copyright © February, 2010, Bruce Memblatt

He knew everything familiar to him would disappear when he signed up for the experimental treatment. He would outlive his friends, his family, and everything dear to him, but he’d be immortal. Perhaps, not immortal, but he’d live many centuries, and he did.

His physical aging process slowed significantly at sixty-five, the age he reached when he initially underwent the treatment. They doctors told him he’d look and feel like a sixty-five year old for at least two more centuries, after which time the aging process would speed up. Although they weren’t certain how fast the process would accelerate at that point. A large body of knowledge wasn’t available about the effects of the procedure. In the beginning they were shooting in the dark.

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