What Others are Saying about Joshua’s Harvest - Volume I The Opus

“I read this novel and couldn’t put it down. Joshua’s Harvest will definitely be a series on my network next season!”

Joseph Collins, President and CEO

PUNCH Television Network

“The Burstons and their colleagues are the only MovieBook writers I’ve ever heard of! Get Thee Behind Me I and II is a play, a film, and now a TV series. I can’t wait to see the Joshua’s Harvest TV series.”

Dr. Mona Scott, Creative Director

The Black Repertory Theater of Berkeley

“Joshua’s Harvest feels so real!”

Heidi Mulligan, Author

“I Am a Ghost: A Spectral Exchange”

“Wow … I couldn’t believe what transpired near the end of this book. I can’t wait for Volume 2!”

Dr. Barbara Willis

Professor of Philosophy

“This is a vampire novel that transmits an inspirational message!”

Rev. Dr. William Bennett

“As a senior citizen, this book took me back to a different era, a different time, and a different space. All it needed was Elvis Presley music playing in the background!”

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