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Not a Hopeless Case: Quitting Alcohol

Yari Garcia
Copyright 2011 by Yari Garcia
Smashwords Edition

The following is my personal experience with alcohol and
I’ve written this very short book in hopes
that anyone who reads it might find some
help, comfort, and motivation
on their way to sobriety.

This book is for
the person whose life has been
affected enough by
to have found and opened this book.


I was never a hopeless case. I was never a junkie, or mistreated as a child. I grew up in a decent two-parent household, with an older sister, and usually a cat or a dog. I spent plenty of time with cousins and peers. I went to a good school, always had a roof over my head and food on my plate. I didn’t drink when I was a teenager. Actually, I didn’t start drinking until I was well over twenty one.

So why do I have thousands of dollars in medical bills for alcohol poisoning? Why do I have so many lost friends and psychiatric visits under my belt? Why the hell did alcohol grab me so quickly and so strongly? Why was I the one who never had enough?

Despite the reasons why (and all of us have plenty), I was enamored with alcohol within the span of a year. It was a love that grew bigger and into an obsession. I planned my life around drinking binges and hangovers. At one point in my life, seeing the sun was a rare occasion.

But even then, I was not a hopeless case.

No one who wants to quit drinking is a hopeless case.

Part I
What’s Done Is Done

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