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About the Author

Jane F. Gilgun, Ph.D., LICSW, is a professor, School of Social Work, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. She does research on the development of violent behaviors and the meanings of violence to perpetrators. She has a special interest in prevention. She has books, articles, and children’s stories available on Kindle, iBooks, Nook, and other e-readers through

How to Teach Children

to Be Sex Offenders

It’s easy to teach children to become sex offenders. First, teach them that using others for their own gain in the way to go. What matters is what they want. What others want does not matter. You could go that extra distance and teach them that they should hurt others if others do them wrong. Vengeance is important in teaching children how to be certain kinds of sex offenders. That’s the kind that enjoys making others suffer. Other kinds of sex offenders talk themselves into believing that children and other victims want the sex. These sex offenders have some ethics!

Second, avoid talking about sex with your children or make sure you have loads of sexual material, sexual talk, and sexual activity in your family home. Quite effective. It’s super effective if you do both.

Three, make sure you teach your children not to talk about things that bother them. Shame them if necessary. Tell them in many different ways how proud you are of them that they’ve got guts because they don’t show emotions like fear, sadness, or shame. Sometimes you don’t have to say a thing. Just act that way yourself. Your kids will pick up on how to behave.

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