“The Fetish Transfer”

Maxwell Avoi

Copyright 2011 by Maxwell Avoi

Smashwords Edition

The Fetish Transfer”

By Maxwell Avoi

Copyright 2011 by Maxwell Avoi

I threw my car into park and sighed, resting my forehead against the steering wheel. When I felt strong enough I sat up and got out. The Potters Hill Public Library sat there, its windows feeling like eyes staring at me. I liked libraries in general and there was nothing wrong with this one to bring a sigh that deep, but I was tired of studying and I wanted to be almost anywhere else. I wanted to be watching a movie with my girlfriend, Danielle, or throwing a Frisbee around, or digging a ditch. Anything. But I was being responsible and all that shit, and I was actually spending a large chunk of my Saturday studying at the library. In a spirit of defiance, however misplaced, I was at the public library rather than the university’s.

I had another reason for being at the public library, one that I wasn’t about to admit to Danielle or anyone else. I had always had a thing for librarians and some of the workers at the public library were shockingly hot. I knew that my study time would be easier to take if I had some nice scenery to go with it.

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