The Happy-Unhappy Bridegroom: a ghost story

by Benjamin Parsons

Copyright 2011 Benjamin Parsons

Smashwords edition, license notes

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I believe that when Brandon Stewart fell in love, it was with the express intention of getting married. He had a conventional disposition that sought and valued success only in the most established and respectable avenues— which was doubtless prudent of him, because those are probably the easiest fields succeed in, after all. So he endeavoured to make an immensity of money out of actuary (or somesuch profession) through sheer perseverance, and when his efforts began to earn their allotted rewards, it was natural for him to require a comfortable home life too, and that is as much as to say, a wife.

Since the most straightforward efforts had always proved to him the most successful, he made no scruple about falling in love directly with the first girl he liked (namely, one Lucille Harlowe), and you should know that his hopes were happily repaid, because she concluded she liked him likewise —which made for a love-match.

Brandon did not doubt that his beloved was ideal for him in every respect. She was always sweet and pleasant, and had a gentle, easy character all the while they were dating. He discerned in her many of those comfortable, conventional traits that he recognised in himself, and these consoled him so much that he ventured to fall very deeply in love with her. And as I say, she was very fond in return, so soon enough they were married.

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