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Best of Friends

by Barbara G.Tarn


Barbara G.Tarn copyright © 2002/2012

previously published as B.G. Hope

cover art by Marta Baroni

electronic edition by Unicorn Productions

August 2012


Best of Friends

Barbara G.Tarn

Chapter 1

OK, how shall I start this? How can I tell this story of ours? I've been with these guys most of my life, now, and I'm still amazed by the chemistry between us after all these years… I mean, I met most of them back in high school, and I can't believe that halfway in our thirties we could still be so close. They're everything to me – my friends, my family, my job... my whole life revolves around them. I guess I couldn't live without them, I'm so used at having them around all the time…

Anyway, I guess I'll start like we did on our first MTV interview. Most of the world didn't know anything about us, except that we had that great hit song high in the charts. You know, the funny video with three guys and two girls showing their great friendship throughout their daily lives… I'm sure you noticed our gorgeous singer, I mean, if you're a girl. Well, most girls did. So, there we were, interviewed at MTV studios, New York.

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