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Bhiku was a very naughty and study thief boy. Due to it he always get punished both in school and house.

One day he was thinking in his bedroom that what a worthless life is his. Only study & school. He thinks that if he would get super powers, then he would be a Superhero. Everybody would respect him adore him. He read in a book that according to hinduism there are 33 crore lords (gods) in this universe. It mean here should be everybody's God. God of all animals, God of every tree, God of every food, Mountains, Birds, Creature ... everything.

When he was reading the book, some noise comes from outside. He look by window. A drunk man walking on the road shouting "Seem every single god!! ... hick !! ... when I drink you!!"

"Its mean here should be even wine's god!" Bhiku whispered.

Bhiku decided to pray wine's god to call him and get his wish fulfill.

"But it will be so hard! ... I'll have to spend years to call the god!" Bhiku thinks. But after thinking a while, he get the roof quickly and starts calling wine god standing on one leg.

"Ommm! wine god! Please come! ... Please come and give me some rum!!" he says continuously.

After some minutes a flash blows and a shimmering figure appears before Bhiku. Bhiku opens eyes with fear and surprise. He looks that a cartoon type god with a bottle hanging on air.

"Why are you ... hickk! ... looking like an Owl?" Wine God asked in hangover.

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