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SJ Brailovsky

Copyright © 2009 By SJ Brailovsky

Worldwide rights reserved

Published by The Trashy Novel Corp at Smashwords

Grand Gala

In the year 2641, a booming world economy produces high end frills. War is a thing of the past, so there is a shit load of money for other things now. The last war was in the 21st century. Nobody can even remember WW4 when Israel knocked out Iran’s nuclear facilities and the Russian and Chinese contingency took Iran’s side. But, that was so long ago; even the tributes to the fallen have been replaced with Theme Parks. Oh yes, the war machines have been deconstructed and the parts have been reassembled to create unimaginable industries. Like, for instance underwater cities are a reality in the 27th century. Another is that some companies have sprung up to rebuild Africa; like rebuilding the Sudan into a more livable area, something a little touristier. So yea, tourism, Communist governments and watching the environment take up every ones time these days and the world is a much better place now than in the days of old.

Today is the day the most expensive and adventurous luncheon to ever happen, happens. People went ape shit to get a ticket over 2 years ago; but you’re here now and things are lively. Shhhhhhhh, quiet now, the Grand Gala is about to begin.

The lights dim after all the V.I.P.’s have been ushered in and seated. Musicians holographically float around the arena area while images of the galaxy and the universe flash and bounce along the walls. Dax staggers up from offstage. The music softens and the lights start to come up and certain holograms disintegrate.

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