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By Troy Rau

Edited by Frankie Sutton

Cover Art by Justine Greene

Copyright 2011 Troy Rau

Smashwords Edition

In memory

John Norman Burnett

Born February 9, 1926

Died April 11, 2011


I feel I should introduce myself. My name is John Cane and I am a 35 year old truck driver. If you are reading this journal, then something has happened to me. I hope that I died of old age, but with conditions as they are, the chance of that is very low. You know that whole, live by the sword and die by the sword, thing. In any story, it is important that you know what makes someone tick. What drives us and what makes us who we are. Therefore, I will take this time to give you a bit of my background so that perhaps you will have a better idea of whom I am.

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