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After reading The Successful Single Mom and embarking on my 100 day program - I felt confident, successful and already "richer" - but this book, The Successful Single Mom Gets Rich! has inspired me further to be more in control of finances, to wish for "more than enough" and get it, and has taught me that there is more to just making money. I learned a lot about some of the groundwork of taking care of my future and my children's future!” ~Nanette Labastida, Realtor, Austin, TX

This book isn't just a collection of stories and cliché examples, this book is packed full of tactical steps to finding your dreams and following them. Any single mom who is struggling to figure out what to do next needs to read this book. There is tactical advice paired up with inspirational stories from real single moms who have been there and done that. Honoree gives hope to every single mom who just can't quite figure out where to go from here.” ~Cassie Boorn, Blogger & Social Media Specialist, Illinois

The Successful Single Mom Gets Rich! was written to inspire and guide single moms (and married ones too) to becoming successful and rich! Even as a married mother this book is a must read.  From juggling it all without dropping a ball, to living the life you became a Mom to have, this book will show you the way to a truly prosperous life.” ~Joan C. Richardson, JCR Enterprises, LLC, Dallas, Texas

About The Successful Single Mom

I’ve been able to change my life and my future with Honorée’s help and the tools from this book!” ~Christine Plaisted, Participant in The Successful Single Mom Group

This book is for all single mothers who want to get their mojo back, feel empowered, get focused and be in control of their own destiny.” ~Julie A. Booth, Participant in The Successful Single Mom Group

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