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Natural Beauty Secrets For Healthy, Beautiful Skin, Hair and Nails

Every country and culture has age-old beauty secrets that are passed through the generations from woman to woman. You’ve probably even seen some of them in your own family. Though making your own beauty products is not always convenient - and not as prettily packaged - giving your skin and body a break from chemicals is good for your health and earth-friendly as well.

If you’ve ever gotten a skin rash or irritation from using certain creams or make-up, you know that commercial products contain many unnecessary chemicals and perfumes to keep them preserved for a long time. Some of these chemicals have even been shown to have harmful effects on the body if used for a prolonged duration.  

The easy, natural beauty tips listed here help you look great, stay healthy and save money. All of these ingredients are used in store-bought products and you will likely find them in your own kitchen. You may find that many of these homemade products work just as well if not better than expensive commercial brands. If you make more than enough for one use, refrigerate the remainder in a tightly sealed jar to safely store it for up to two weeks. Or give away natural homemade beauty products in small, clearly labeled bottles for a unique gift idea.

Try some of these natural, chemical-free global beauty tips and share them with your friends and family. You’ll also learn how each of these skin and hair care tips work. However, please note that even natural ingredients can cause skin sensitivity or irritation, particularly if you have an allergy or a skin condition. It is important to first do a test patch by applying the ingredients to a small spot of skin on your inner elbow to make sure you are not allergic or sensitive to it.

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