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Chapter 1

I hate it when my breakfast is interrupted. Shork knows this well, I guess that’s why he did not come in to report what was happening at the castle gate. I still heard the shouts though.

Already? I wondered, putting down my coffee cup. This early in the morning? If so, they’ve got some nerve…

I rang the bell, summoning Shork.

“What is that noise about? Don’t tell me someone wants to fight me again.”

“I’m afraid so, my lord,” bowed the lackey. “He is rather insistent, and loud. I told him to wait, I said you’d see him in a half hour, but he won’t listen.”

I shook my head. This was getting to be positively annoying.

“Hero or villain?”

“A hero, it appears. Some kind of knight. White horse, bright red cloak.”

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