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This story is about 2,500 words or 16 standard book pages.

(This file includes a promotional story that brings it to about 7,000 words)

Promotion Story Included:

Tank (Tank Science Fiction Series)

Sir, I have a package for you.”

The man waves at a set of chairs. I can see that he is stressed, but that doesn't matter. I will soon put him out of his misery.

Could you sign here?”

I bring the clipboard around the desk for him to sign. He looks at me with a slight scrawl that tells me he would rather not deal with me right now, but I am relentless. It's not that I need him to sign, just to get close enough for what I plan to do.

Excuse me, Mr. McKenzie.”

An American whore enters the room in her open top and tight jeans. I feel so frustrated looking at her and what she is offering. Yet at the same time I hate her for this temptation and how she flaunts it.

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