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Who is Kat Dawson?

Kat Dawson is woman born in Oranjestad, Aruba. Aruba is known as “One Happy Island”, but it was not happy for Neferta Kathleen Dawson. She grew up in shacks next to the sea with her parents. Her father Juan Dawson died of heart failure at 51, but his younger wife, Georgia Dawson immigrated to the United States after his death in 1985.

Kat never forgot the day her father died. They were playing outside innocently. To her left, she saw a little white girl with strawberry red hair playing on the other side of the fence. Suddenly her father fell dead grabbing his chest. The little girl with red hair ran away dropping a blowgun. Kat pulled a little needle object out of her father’s head without thinking. Kat ran to her father’s side and tried to rouse him. His eyes rolled back into his head and she screamed in pain. Kat ran and got her mother. Within 3 hours her father was declared dead at the local hospital. She never knew who the little red-headed girl was. As a child she never really understood what happened. The doctors said no child could have caused his heart failure and brushed aside any notion that a child could have seen anything of relevance. To this day, Kat has never resolved this issue.

After 1985, Kat went to high school at Cass High school in Detroit. There she met John but they never really hooked up. Kat focused on her studies and kept a low profile. She did cheerleading, drama and other “popular kid” events. She never really took to modeling but was asked to. Her friend Portia got into modeling and eventually became a part-time hand model. She met Portia in high school drama class, and the two became inseparable after meeting.

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