I have never met Jeri in person, but we became Facebook friends through some common acquaintances, and I like her very much. Jeri is the mother of a profoundly disabled son—her oldest child—and two very bright daughters, one teen and one pre-teen. Her children and husband clearly bring tremendous pride and pleasure to her world, though her heart has room for still more. So Jeri is also a tremendously caring, highly-skilled teacher of special-needs children. It seems to be the guardianship and edification of these children that fills that last compartment of her huge heart with joy and purpose.

This compilation of humor, with the sheer wit of the repartee between Jeri and all those in her circle, represents a treasure trove of light-hearted banter and, as a bonus, frankly, some good lessons in parenthood, spousehood, and personhood. There are also some very powerful writings included, scattered here and there, that will generate tears for many readers, who will be better people for having read them.

This seems like a good place to paint an image of Jerilyn for readers. But I’ve never met her, so it’s hard to come up with an effective personal description, other than what she tells people on Facebook. Thank God for those silly list/quiz requests people are always bombarded with by their “friends!” This, then, is a silly list Jeri filled out of 101 things that all her Facebook friends now know about her, whether they really wanted to or not.

1. Name: Jerilyn Joanne O'Brien Stone

2. Age: 35

3. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

4. Male or Female: female 

5. Hair color: Light Brown

6. Tall or short: 5' 3 and three quarters...probably short considering I count fractions of an inch…

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