On Being a Shit

Unkind Deeds and Cover-Ups

in Everyday Life

Jane F. Gilgun

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Jane Gilgun


Through stories, this book develops and tests a theory of being a shit. A humorous look at a serious topic, the book shows the many ways that people avoid admitting they have done something wrong. Humor, acting innocent, and blaming others are just some of them. Getting others to believe it is their fault is the crowning achievement of being a shit. If you’ve ever wondered, Is it me? This book is for you.

About the Author

Jane F. Gilgun, Ph.D., LICSW, is a professor, School of Social Work, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA. See Professor Gilgun’s other books and articles on smashwords.com.


Part One

Developing a Theory of Being a Shit


Shedding Light in Dark Places

Scholarly Inquiry into the Origins,

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