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For her it had only been a year and a half, a quick year and a half she brought her own condo, equipped with a door man, balcony and other fancy amenities. This same year and a half that brought her not only fame but success, her first novel Eliza the Dimension Traveler was an immense success. She was able to meet authors like Anne Rice, J.K Rowling, and Stephen King. Her life was a whirlwind since the book caught on and just as soon as she thought things would wind down, the prince she met from another world arrived in her living room. Just looking at his face she knew that more time had gone by than what she thought. The two stood silently for a moment while Marlene’s clueless literary agent Freddie watched the two of them for a moment.

By looking at your brown complexion and brown eyes, this must be David. I always thought that the David in your story was modeled after Vince, not an actual David.” Freddie noted.

But no one wanted to talk about Marlene’s book, she knew that David figured out that she wrote the story that Callisto promised her despite the tragedy that came of it.

A little tasteless don’t you think?” David held up a copy of Eliza the Dimension Traveler.

Girl’s gotta eat.” Marlene knew that he was talking about the fact that she was making money off of his fiance’s murder; she didn’t know what to make of David’s visit.. “What do you want?”

Your help, it is a very long story, one I’d rather not tell right now.” David gave a sly look to Freddie, “But you promised you would.”

Marlene looked nervous and bunched up her cardigan and sat down, “I don’t’ know how much help I could be.” She sighed.

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