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By A. R. Wise

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Aaron Wise

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

The first book in the Deadlocked series is free, and it is the wish of the author that it be made available to as many people as possible. If you enjoy this book, please tell your friends and family to read it as well!


The apocalypse began when people were stabbed by tiny needles in crowded subways. Victims reported a stinging sensation on their thigh, as if someone in the crowd had jabbed them. They returned home to discover a swelling, purple lesion where the sting had occurred. Most people didn't pay attention to it the first day, but the infection spread quickly and soon the sick crowded ER rooms around the world.

Rumors of other causes of the disease started as well. People got cut by razors taped to the handles of gas pumps, water supplies were tainted, cafeteria food was infected; there was a never-ending stream of new theories on how it had been spread. I assumed it was paranoia, but I was wrong. This was far worse than anyone's worst fears.

The moment the paranoia turned to panic was caught on camera, but I'd been panicked all morning. Not because conspiracy theorists swore the world was ending, but because mine had fallen apart around me.

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