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Life has finally settled into a peaceful rhythm for Jordan Davis and Gray Trent—or so they think...

For their first wedding anniversary, Jordan and Gray take off on a Caribbean cruise for a long-delayed honeymoon. It’s a dream vacation. Ten stress-free days—no kids, no crimes, no worries. Gray plans to soak up some sunshine, while Jordan takes cooking lessons from a celebrity chef on board the SS Caribbean Star...until an engine-room fire disables the ship at sea, and they suddenly find themselves on the “cruise from hell.”

Being trapped on a ship without electricity, fresh food, or running water is bad enough. But when a crew member is found murdered—with Jordan’s chef’s knife shoved through his heart—all the evidence points to Jordan and Gray. Both of them have excellent reasons for wanting him dead, and neither of them can produce a solid alibi. Now their honeymoon turns into a race to find the culprit before Jordan and Gray are charged with murder. Can they solve the mystery in time, or are they doomed to spend the rest of their cruise in the brig, waiting for the FBI to arrive and take them into custody?


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