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Praise for

Rohan Nation: Reinventing America after the 2020 Collapse

Drew Miller weaves a cautionary tale about what we must do now if we are to prevent the utterly preventable -- the destruction of our country, our constitutional form of government, and our way of life.  Rohan Nation’s gripping portrayal of the consequences of such a disaster should concentrate all of our minds, providing a roadmap for corrective action and a basis for holding accountable any who fail to take it.”

--Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., President, Center for Security Policy

This book is right on the mark. The perils of the current drift towards Socialism and the results of ignoring the threats to our personal liberty become vivid. This fine book should be required reading for Congressmen, Senators, and Presidential incumbents & candidates. They need to visualize the potential effects on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness when we deviate from the Constitution.”

--Mike Harper, former CEO RJR Nabisco and ConAgra Inc

Despite the convincingly scary details of the bioengineered virus threat and how our collapse is likely to play out, Rohan Nation is not just entertaining but uplifting as you read about Americans surviving and rebuilding the country. A very well written, moving, exciting, action adventure book.”

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