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Sex with Aliens o

Cassaundra sat on the bed. A weird sound was going outside her house. A bright light was searching around the yard. It looked like a spotlight. The sound seemed to remind her of the high-pitched squeal of a hog. The sound was piercing and distressing. She ran down the hall to Macy’s room. She knocked. Tall, blonde, and tanned opened the door. Macy was sex in repose. Her blue eyes shone in the dark. Cassy liked Macy. The two friends enjoyed an odd relationship where Macy was the parent and Cassy seemed the child.

“What is it now?” Macy growned.

Cassy was blown away by her fowl breathe and needed a moment to recover. Her face recoiled in anguish.

“There is a strange glow outside…”

Macy ducked down and peered out the bay window in front of the house for a second.

“Yes…” She started.

They both paused for a moment and peered at the strange lights.

“Well what do you want me to do about it?”

“I’m scared…” Cassy started.

Macy sighed.

“Well come on in you big baby.” Macy relented.

The tall and powerful Macy stood almost a foot taller and fifty pounds larger than Cassy.

Macy was athletic and supremely confident in her life. Cassy was a short, dumpy and coy little secretary from Plano. She reminded Macy more of a child than a woman.

The two of the women settled into bed. They watched the spotlight dance around outside and a rush of wind blow through the trees.

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