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She passed out in the hallway, this time dragging over the small table she’d been laboriously climbing, and that noise had finally brought help.


Back with us?” a familiar voice asked her. Hannah found that she was looking up into Dr. Wong’s face.

Wah ‘appen ‘ith ‘ee?” she asked, or tried to ask. Wong’s almond-shaped eyes grew guarded and he brought forth a fake smile.

Everything is going to be all right-” He began to reassure her, but she squeezed his hand tight, twice, stopping him. “No? I see…”

“’Nesty izz eye plizzee,” Hannah gabbled. “Me! What!?”

You had a mild stroke. Mild in that you survived and I… I honestly don’t know how much you will recover.”

Tooth!” Hannah beamed lopsidedly, the right side of her face drooping below her missing eye. “Gah, goo, ‘ood!” She howled in frustration as the words fought her.

Calmness would work better, Hannah. You’re in for a long fight, just like always; conserve your strength.”

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