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Vicki Dillon

Copyright Vicki Dillon 2011

Published at Smashwords

Ty was a good little boy, just misunderstood. He knew he was a good boy, he just wondered why nobody else knew it. He liked to help his parents do things. When his father would wash his car, Ty wanted to help because he loved his father. When his mother would do laundry, Ty wanted to help because he loved his mother. Ty was also full of fun and mischief, like most little boys.

One day Ty asked his mother what his name meant. She asked him why he wanted to know. He thought a minute and asked “Is it because of shoes?” she looked at him and hugged him. Then he thought again and asked her if it was a silly name. She smiled and tickled him and told him no. She put down the laundry she was folding and looked at Ty sweetly and said, “Your father and I named you Ty because we wanted a special bundle of joy. A special bundle of love, sweetness, and kindness all in one bundle tied up in a beautiful package and we got you Ty. We are very proud and happy parents. You have always been a good boy and a loving boy. We were very blessed and always will be. Ty looked up at his mother and giggled. Ty was five years old, but he was very smart for his age. Since he was happy with his mother’s explanation, he jumped down off the stool. He felt like his mother loved him more than any mother loved a son at that moment. His mother watched him skip down the hallway and she smiled. She knew she needed to remember these cute moments in life and she cherished each moment with Ty.

Ty went into his room, looked in the mirror and smiled. He knew he was special. He was told he had his mother’s smile and his father’s eyes by his grandmother. He thought that was really strange, but he liked it. He was told one day he would grow up and be big and strong like his daddy. He smiled again in the mirror. He walked over to his bed and knelt down and pulled out his box of Legos. He turned the box over and started picking out pieces and putting them together. He wanted to build a house. He carefully started building what he thought would be the most magnificent house of all.

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