All Hell Breaks Loose

By William Young

Published at Smashwords by William Young

Copyright 2011 William Young

Los Angeles, California – Day 21

Brooke Tammerlin felt Joshua Sparks’ fingers lace through hers as they stepped onto the sidewalk outside the bar and for a second she could feel her wedding ring get pressed into her finger. For a millisecond she remembered that she was married, that her husband had just texted her from work on the other side of town wishing her a good time out with her girlfriends, and then she forgot about the ring and her marriage and felt the warmth of Josh’s palm, the light pressure of his fingertips on the back of her hand.

She had known Josh twenty years earlier in high school and had never thought about him since. Rather, she had known Josh was in her high school twenty years earlier and never thought about him then, either. But she had run into him one night in a bar on the last girls night out and began idle chit chat with him while her two friends reviewed the karaoke song menu. He was a nice guy, almost bland conversationally, but he had an easy laugh and knew when to flatter a girl. He was a normal guy with a blue collar job, a soon-to-be ex-wife, two little girls and a shiny pick-up truck that was immaculate on the inside.

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