The Smelliest Cheese in the World!


Stephanie J Dagg

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Copyright 2011 Stephanie J Dagg

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Chapter 1 Smelleigh’s Smelly Cheese

Mr Smelleigh was a very happy man. He had a nice house and a big, shiny car. He adored Mrs Smelleigh and she adored him. There were three little Smelleighs and they were amazingly good children. They helped round the house, they always did their homework and they were never, ever rude to anyone. (Remember, this is just a story!).

But what made Mr Smelleigh happiest of all was his factory. It was a huge factory. It took up half the town. And it was no ordinary factory. It made something very, very special indeed. It made — THE SMELLIEST CHEESE IN THE WORLD!

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