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Table of Contents

What it is, what it is not and the best way to find it. Why all beliefs about God cannot possibly be true.

Does God Exist?
Evidence from science and morality. Why some scientists do not believe in God and hold to an impossible position.

Can we Trust the Bible?
Accuracy and truthfulness.

Did the Resurrection Really Happen?
How the five other options don’t make sense. Consensus of 1,400 scholarly works.

Who did Jesus Claim to Be?
Ten unmistakable claims by Jesus to be God.

Best Fits the Evidence
Twelve point conclusion based on the facts.

So What?
Why the truth about God is of vital importance to you.

Small Town Judge
Clear picture of why Jesus is the only way.

The Gravity of Your Decision
How your free will holds immense power for your eternity.

Reasonable Faith
Faith based on the facts is a reasonable faith.

Thank you to my beautiful wife Beate, who always keeps God first. Without her help, this book would have never been written. You are exactly what I ordered and I love you with all of my heart.

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