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Of Rats and Men

A Novelette by Frank Severino



November 2011 ~ V1.08 ~ Smashwords Edition


Copyright © 2011 by Frank Severino

All rights reserved.

Of Rats and Men





Once upon a time, there was a watchmaker; a jeweler, really.  They don’t give the title, watchfixer, and there’s no need to mince words in familiar company.  It would be truthful to say he didn’t make watches, but could fix any watch brought to him and had been trained specifically in Switzerland to do so (with a glom of framed certifications on the wall to prove it).  Let’s be frank—not everyone called “doctor” owns a stethoscope, either.

Arguing theoretically, when one knows enough to fix a watch and fabricate all necessary parts, one could build a watch from scratch, if so inclined.  (It’s a matter of knowing how pieces go together, and crafting the pieces, themselves…a little more difficult and time consuming than buying one at Wal-Mart, if understatement is your fancy.)

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