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Cases With A Conscience

Entrepreneurial Solutions to Global Challenges

Smashwords eBook Edition

Copyright 2011 Thomas J. Dean

Written by:

Colorado State University Sustainable Enterprise Students

Edited by:

Thomas J. Dean, Ph.D.

Mila D.M. Birnbaum



Cases with a Conscience

Social and sustainable ventures are at the forefront of change, engaging business principles and economic incentives to build ventures that demonstrate the positive power of entrepreneurship. They range from innovative non-profits to growth-oriented ventures, capturing opportunities in a diverse set of industries. From organic foods to clean energy, social and sustainable entrepreneurs are finding ways to combine their passion for change with innovative business models and exciting new products, services, and technologies.

Cases with a Conscience showcases these innovative ventures and their efforts to solve global, social, and environmental challenges. It is comprised of student-written mini-cases and is designed to help students and practitioners understand the breadth, impact, and challenges of sustainable venturing. The reader can appreciate the tremendous diversity of the companies compiled herein and the manner in which they are succeeding. We hope these cases will stimulate new business ideas and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit. The cases are short examples rather than fully elaborated classroom cases, which makes them readily accessible to the casual reader and makes this compilation the perfect companion for courses on social or sustainable entrepreneurship.

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