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When I’m cornered

I’ll hurt you

Feel my fangs in your flesh

And scream

But don’t cry

No, don’t cry

Because I love you.

“Ah!” Suzana sat straight up into a maelstrom of sweat beads and mangled sheets.

“Damn it.” She flailed for the sonorous alarm clock. Was it really time to go already? It seemed like she had just fallen asleep.

Curtains fluttered over her open window, a perfectly bisected moon visible above the apple tree in her front yard.

Still partially asleep, Suzana stumbled around her cluttered bedroom, fumbling through piles of clothing in search of a clean uniform. While ankle deep in a heap of dirty clothes, the overhead light flashed on, and the brightness attacked her vulnerably dilated pupils with the fury of a detonating bomb. Her wide eyed, underwear-clad figure froze, spotlighted like an escaping criminal.

“What the hell are you doing? How do you expect to find anything in the dark?” a female voice chastised.

Suzana shielded her eyes from the unexpected light. “How many times do I have to tell you not to do that?” she replied.

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