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A Trauma Case Study

By: Gil Monin

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Gil Monin

NLP therapy

Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) is a field of study that studies the human experience. This field is in its academic diapers, which means that it is not yet taught in Universities or Colleges. It is taught in special schools, with experienced and qualified trainers.

NLP can be used for many applications. Its first use was in the field of therapy, and it modeled the greatest of therapists in order to find out how they get their great results. Today, NLP is used in education, business, therapy and every other subject that requires people and language.

The purpose of NLP therapy is getting the client what he\she wants. The practitioner does this by eliminating or changing the construct of the mental blocks, which block or stop the client from getting what they want. Almost all of the techniques of NLP associate the client with their inner-resources, and dissociate the client to their problems.

In NLP therapy, the practitioner uses language patterns, communication models, well-formed questions, and techniques.

Generally, NLP is an attitude of curiosity that goes with a methodology of investigating. The client communicates and the practitioner’s job is to fully understand the client’s experience of their problem. The practitioner then changes the way, or construct, of the client’s experience, thus changing the thoughts\feelings\behaviors of the client.

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