A Club Coquette Tale

by Cheyenne West

SmashWords Edition
Copyright 2011 Cheyenne West

All rights reserved

# # #

The silver bell over the front door chimed.

I glanced up from the paperwork on my desk. Through the tall one-way mirror that took up most of my office door, I could see out into the showroom as a girl stepped into the building at the opposite end of the store. The afternoon sunlight streamed through the door after her for a moment, rifling through her scarlet hair at a million brilliant angles.

I flipped my wrist and checked my watch. It was still ten minutes to one. That was a good sign. I eased back in my desk chair, folded my hands over my waist, and watched. After a moment, I saw Jasmine step out from behind the counter just outside my office door and head toward the girl. Jasmine wore only a strapless bandeau bra and matching panties of deep amethyst that looked stunning against her fair Irish skin.

I couldn't help watching the swing of her hips as she crossed the carpet barefoot. She had lately started wearing a lace garter up her left thigh as well, but she hadn't put it on today. I missed it a little bit. She really knew how to make it work for her. I watched her approach the redhead, hug her, peck her on the right cheek and then the left cheek.

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