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Tales of the Heartily Homeschooled

by Rachel Starr Thomson and Carolyn Joy Currey


This book is our parents’ fault.

Had they not believed what the Bible says about children being a blessing and the fruit of the womb being a gift from God, we would not have a tale to tell. The dramatis personae who have made life so very, very interesting up to this point—our combined cadre of eighteen siblings—would not exist. Without them, our lives would be much impoverished.

We, the authors of this book, are second cousins whose families have chosen to walk a fairly counter-cultural road: in numbers of children, in homeschooling, and in various other ways. Through most of our growing up years we lived on opposite sides of Canada with little idea of one another’s existence. Then, one fateful day, a relative suggested that we might have something in common.

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