Valkyria DeDieu

Copyright © 2011 by I. Didier

Smashwords Edition


All her life, Jessica felt she did not belong to the two people she knew as her parents. Then one day she saw the face of a woman she had always dreamed was her mother…

That started a chain reaction. And before it was all over, the life Jessica knew was gone. But then, it had always been something other than real.


Acknowledgements: To Bob Wendorf, for the Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake recipe and the (well-deserved) title “Duchess.” To Julius Lewis, for excerpts from: Essays on the New Man, and his project to rename the Olympic Games.

Dedication: To Daniele, my own “Ananda”, with all my love, for an authentic Jessica... To Monika, dear heart, for Gladstone. And to all who have gone through it—an experiment like Nocturnal—may God go with you.

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