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by Oksana Vasilenko

Copyright Oksana Vasilenko 2011

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1. The Adventure Begins

Jake was looking at the bright ball of the full moon outside his window. It seemed so close, you could almost touch it. But Jake knew that the Moon was really far, far away. He read in a book that it would take about nine years to walk to it! Even a spaceship takes three days to fly to the Moon.

‘I wish I could go there some day,’ Jake sighed and pulled the blanket over his head. It was well past his bedtime.

‘Where do you want to go?’ a little voice suddenly asked.

Jake couldn’t believe his ears. Who was in his room?

He looked around and saw a glowing fluffy ball on the windowsill. It was just a small ball, without any face, arms or legs.

‘Who are you?’ Jake asked. ‘You don’t look like any animal I know, besides, animals don’t talk. Are you an elf?

The fluffy ball laughed.

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