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Come Visit Us Sometime

©Lelanthran Krishna Manickum, Nov 2011

Smashwords Edition

"Come visit us sometime," Fred happily told his wife’s cousin and her husband, "We'd be glad to have you over a weekend."

"Oh, thats wonderful!", the mother of the brood gushed, "As long as there is space, of course, we don't want to impose."

"Oh, you won't be imposing. We've got a large place," Fred continued, "Beautiful house, hardly any rats, only leaks when there's rain."

"Eh? You have rats?", the woman looked a little doubtful now.

"Well, not so many anymore after the snakes moved in."

"Snakes too?"

"Yes, they eat rats you know, 'though there's not a lot of snakes left, due to the venomous tarantulas."

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