Snow For Xmas

by Oksana Vasilenko

Copyright Oksana Vasilenko 2010

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Snow for Christmas

When I woke up it was still dark. A blue and white ball was hanging above my head in the blackness dotted with stars. It was only a picture. On the Far Side of the Moon we couldn’t see the Earth. We had millions of photos of planets, stars and galaxies taken by the observatories all over the Solar system to choose from, but for Christmas I wanted to see the Earth. The white clouds looked like fluffy snow and I had never seen real snow. Tim wanted to have the NGC1097 galaxy instead and we had a fight. Mom came in and told Tim to be nice because he was the big brother. Tim made a face and called my a crybaby. That wasn’t fair—I’m not a baby, I’m already seven, and I don’t cry. Well, not much anyway. And I’m the only one in the family who had never seen real snow. I was only three when we left the Earth and the two times we went back to visit it was summer—everybody wanted to go swimming in the ocean and nobody cared for snow.

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