‘Snow is just frozen water,’ Dad told me. ‘Exactly like the ice cubes from our fridge.’

‘No!’ I said. ‘Snow is made of snowflakes and each snowflake is different. Look, I’ve got ten thousand photos of snowflakes and they are all amazing!’

‘You’ve already got zillions of snowflakes photos,’ Tim said. ‘What more do you want? Snow is just cold and it gives you a runny nose and a sore throat. I’d much rather spend the vacation on the beach!’

‘I just want to see it! Once! Please, Dad, can we go in the winter? Can we have snow for Christmas? Just once? Oh, please!’

Dad sighed. Tim rolled his eyes.

‘Denny, don’t get so upset.’ Mom hugged me. ‘In two more years Dad’s contract will expire, we’ll go back to the Earth and you’ll have all the snow you want.’

Two more years! That’s ages away!

So, this year, as usual, we had a bright and sparkly Christmas tree in the corner of our bedroom. It looked quite nice, it even smelled like a real tree should, but it was all a fake. The tree was artificial. Shipping real Christmas trees to the Moon would be a waste of the precious cargo weight, Dad told me. Not to mention shipping some snow. That was a totally absurd idea, too silly for such a big boy.

‘Maybe Santa Clause will bring you some snow in his sled,’ Tim sneered.

Well, sometimes parents just don’t get it. But when your big brother is making fun of you, too...

All right, I’m not a baby to believe in Santa Claus. I do know that miracles happen only in fairy tales, not in real life. In real life nobody gets snow as a Christmas present. Not on the Moon anyway.

I sighed and looked at the stupid plastic tree...

Hey, what was that? I rubbed my eyes and jumped off my bunk.

Under the Christmas tree there was a sealed glass bowl. A really big one, the size of our fish bowl. And inside it there was a teeny-weeny Christmas tree covered with some white stuff! I could hear quiet humming coming from the bowl. I looked closer and saw that it had double walls and a thick plastic bottom. The tiny tree looked real. And the white stuff on its branches looked like snow!

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