The Watchman

By Sasha Gabriel

Copyright © 2011 Sasha Gabriel

ISBN: 978-1-4659-8256-8

Smashwords Edition

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H.H. Herbert was born in a hurry. Growing up, he didn’t have time for friends or idle chatter. In college, he was teased that his middle name must be “Hurry.”

He soon decided that his name, Harvey Hinton Herbert was too long to write, so he used his initials and last name.

One ordinary day, H.H. bought his subway ticket for work. He never looked at his ticket – he knew where he was going.

H.H. was a man on the move and he was in a hurry to get there.

Pushing through the crowd, he noticed an old man sitting on the floor. Next to him was a large oil lantern burning with a steady flame and a bowl of matches. Near the lantern was a sign.


Never saw him before, H.H. thought with disgust. Probably wants money. They all do. The thoughts came fast and furious.

Turning away, he was astonished to find himself alone in the loading area.

Did the train come and they all got on except me? Was I so preoccupied with the old man that I missed my train?

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