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"Rogue Avenger is such a stunning action thriller that I devoured it all in one gigantic and delicious bite! John Monteith is a rare talent indeed, with a commanding 'been there, done that' knowledge of high-stakes submarine warfare and brilliantly Byzantine world geopolitics."

-Joe Buff, best-selling author, Seas of Crisis.

"Former Trident submarine officer John Monteith combines technical and tactical expertise with seedy politics and heart-pumping action to create the hottest naval thriller I've read in years. I can sum up my opinion of Rogue Avenger in seven words: I wish I had written this book"

-Jeff Edwards, award-winning author, The Seventh Angel.

"Rogue Avenger is an action-packed narrative by a real sailor, not the arm-chair variety. For those who want to know what life is genuinely like on one of our atomic subs."

-Bill Linn, best-selling author, Missing in Action.

"Rogue Avenger mixes hard realism with great writing skills. The characterizations and dialog are done with gifted skill. The details about the workings inside a submarine are uncannily accurate and make the plot seem even more real. This is an outstanding effort for a first novel. One can only wonder what the sequel will be like."

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