Say No! To your Negative Past

(How to break free from the hold of negative experiences)


Copyright©2011 by Donald T.E Davies

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This book is dedicated to my dear wife, Sharon and our children; Akosua, Joshua and Miracle, for giving me hope and for helping me forget the pains of the past.


I wish to thank my Redeemer, my Saviour and my King, for taking me from the miry clay and setting my feet upon a rock. I also wish to extend my gratitude to the members of Revival Assemblies (KMI) at home and abroad for their loving support, encouragement and for allowing me to share some of these truths with them. I also wish to appreciate my wonderful in-laws, Neal and Patience Dryer, who never judged me by the past, God bless you. Final thanks go to my colleague pastors who helped me through those dark times; Rev. Eugene Tenga, Rev.Desmond Williams, Rev.Juliet Samura, Dr. Rev. Susan Lawson, Evangelist Martin Bantamoi, Rev. Patrick Kebbie and Rev. Lucinda Palmer.

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