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On My Own

Bud Crawford

Copyright 2011

by Bud Crawford

Smashwords Edition

One of my favorite stories as a kid was the ones about the mountain men of the early eighteen hundreds. I did my best back then to copy everything I could from those books and live off the land “off the land”. I never thought it would be more than a fond dream until the opportunity presented itself in Alaska during the mid 70’s. This is my story

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Starting Out

Chapter 2 Settling In

Chapter 3 A Trip to the Store

Chapter 4 Heading Back

Chapter 5 Taken a Break

Chapter 6 Fishing

Chapter 7 More Work

Chapter 8 The Trip

Chapter 9 A Problem

Chapter 10 Hunting

Chapter 11 More Hunting

Chapter 12 Ready for Winter

Chapter 13 Trapping

Chapter 14 The Companion

Chapter 15 The Devil and Me

Chapter 16 An Ending

Chapter 1

Starting Out

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