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Opening the Marriage

by Epic Sex Stories

Like most single moms, I would do anything to support my kids. As a Vegas stripper, I have. I put myself on my book covers to remind me what inspired that epic sex story. You wouldn't believe half of the shit that I've seen or done. To find out, read my books and check out my 400 sexy photos on (change search filter to “restricted”, then search for Epic Sex Stories). Tell me what you think at

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My husband Jack once joked that fucking is what guys do when women are making love to them.

"There are three kinds of women: those who don't enjoy giving oral sex, and therefore do it as little as possible; those who do it to please or reward their man, who do it when horny; and, three, that rare woman who just loves to suck cock. The punch line? If you ever find a girl in Category 3, fucking marry her!"

"Will you fuck me up the ass?" I begged Rodney. I felt like such a bully, making that poor fucking linebacker tackle my tight end. "Please punish me," I pleaded. "I've been a bad girl, and I want to get worse. I need it to hurt. The more it hurts, the less guilty I'll feel." Which turned out to be totally untrue. "Your punishment will be my pleasure." When I watched the video later, it looked like a baseball bat stabbing two cantaloupes.

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