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Tales in Time.Volume Two

with Wilton C. Sunnyday lll

by:David Rucker

Willie illustration by:Joan Gilbert Madsen

Other illustrations by:Brenda Laster

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Copyright 2001 by David Rucker all rights reserved

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Dedicated to All Future Space Travelers


Dear Reader,

Early in May of this last year, my wife and I were on holiday, traveling towards a favorite destination of ours in the Lakes District about a four hour trip north of our home. As was our habit, we stopped at many of the small antique shops in the little towns along our route. We never shop for anything specific, but we do rather enjoy acquiring items that catch our eye if the price is right.

So it was, as things happen, that we were in one small town where we had stopped to look around. My wife was busy looking at some old school textbooks. The kind boys and girls used to read in their classrooms a long time ago. I was busy in another corner of the store, just poking around, when I spotted a small chest sitting high on a shelf in a dark alcove. The chest appeared very dusty, as though it had been sitting a long time.

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