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The Renegade's Woman

The Renegade’s Woman


Nikita Black

Sally Hewitt climbed into a covered wagon and headed West for a new life, praying she wouldn't run into hostile Indians along the way. She'd heard what happened to innocent female victims at their hands... But the handsome Arapaho renegade Standing Bear was anything but savage or cruel, instead he taught her forbidden pleasures, coaxing reactions from her body and her heart she never dreamed possible.

Published by Cajun Hot Press
12th printing

Smashwords Edition
November 2011

Chapter One

Colorado Territory, 1862

Sally Hewitt lay back on a low granite slab, relishing the feel of the sun’s dappled rays on her naked skin. Her long, honey-colored hair was spread out on the rock to dry, her calico dress and camisole draped over a nearby bush. Lord have mercy, it felt glorious to be clean again.

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